July 10, 1945 to January 25, 2013
Linda was born in Florida. She is survived by husband David, brother Alfred, her children Dee and Russell, six grandchildren, and two great-granddaughters. Memorial services and burial was held at Glen Abbey, Bonita, CA.

2-1-13 My funeral speech went like this:

Mom and I butted heads a bit when Russ & I first got married. One thing we grew to love & respect about each other was that we said what was on our mind, squabbled about somethings, usually worked through it, or eventually just nodded and went on – forgiving each other.

I personally came to realize, Underneath her tough shell was a good-hearted loving Mom. When my folks passed away a few years ago, she “Stepped Up”. She was there to lovingly and emotionally support me through the loss. We drew closer than ever before. We started calling each other more and actually talked and vented Stuff of life. We began ending the calls with “Love You” and we both knew we whole heartedly we meant it.

Birthday celebration at La Palapa

Birthday celebration at La Palapa 2011

Mom being slightly technology savvy -enough to make her dangerous- finally upgraded her cellphone to an iphone recently. One feature is called “Facetime” – basically a Video phone call. Well, One morning,My husband -Russ, jokingly said,”I bet mom won’t know how to answer the Face Time (Video Call). Let’s see what she does.” So Russ called her. Sure enough- like a Pro she actually answered the call. Yes, we saw her inner Ear Drum and inside her nostril the first few seconds each call (LoL) but after a suggestion like “Mom, if you move the phone in front of your face– we can see you better” we’d all laugh and she figured it out.

Facetime instantly became a thing she enjoyed with us. Mom seemed to look forward to the morning facetime calls with us to coo & talk to her great granddaughter Kyleigh when we babysat her. It was definitely a good day starter.

Something my son Tim remembers and will never forget is that Grammy holds The “Arm Wrestling Title” amongst all the grandkids. She sporadically challenged the kids to arm wrestle and “always” won. She still holds the Winning title.

My nephew David said some of the best times he remembers with grammy took place during the vacations going up to visit his Great Grandparents in Crescent City. Going fishing and having special vacation times.

One treasured gift from Mom was…she made sure…the grandkids had San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park passes. We had many Zoo visits with Mom. Made us laugh… how each visit’s “highlight” was quickly passing by the “Tortoises on Piggy Back ride Day”. “They sounded like they were having fun, but never moved anywhere”, the kids would say. Yeah…kids bore easily LoL “Let’s go see the 2-headed snake kids…that will be cool!” Yes… I thought they got distracted until I heard…”Hey mom, the Gila monsters are playing piggy back too” “Uh huh…great observation boys…where’s the 2-headed snake cage again?” LoL Good times!

Mom loved going to the Del Mar Fair. It easily became a welcomed tradition as She faithfully coordinated a time all of us kids & grandkids could go together each year. Russ & I had the pleasure of going a few times with her. The Grilled corn on the cob, fried Zuccini, Funnel Cakes, the Bull pens, animal petting areas,and of course all the latest & greatest gadgets were the must do’s. also sending the grand kids on the carnival style rides.

Mom loved educating people on the difference between Bulls and cows at the fair. Especially the “milking” process. Right Luke?! LoL …inside joke…had to be there I suppose.

Mom was a witty, fun loving, courageous woman, with a memory better than any super computer could ever have. She loved to get to know people and had a way about her. Most -never knew they were subtly interrogated. I was very impressed with her skills.

Speaking of Skills…
She was an avid coupon clipper and always found the super sales.

Her cooking was something to look forward to. When Mom said we’re having “tacos”…you found a way to get to her house. They were simple americanized tacos, but how she made them was just unique and tasted soooo amazing. She’d smile -watching everyone enjoy eating her creations. Must have been the love she put into it that made them taste awesome.

Her roasts & gravy, chipped beef on toast, and soupus were other meals requested frequently. Luckily, she taught Rusdee her cooking secrets to carry on the legacy meals.

Daniel’s favorite times with Grammy was Christmas time. Sharing gifts and decorating with grammy was special.

Mom always took pride in putting out her decorations for every season. For the kids? Maybe… But it was her joy and something she loved to share.

Mom was a trooper. From All the camping trips at Thousand trails to the dirt-biking in the desert…she was prepared and always ready to go. She knew many card games, board games, dice games, etc. The campfire smores! Were the best.

Well, there’s a touch of family memories we’ll cherish amongst the many many others.

Mom …you will be deeply missed & cherished.