On September 25, 2012 at approximately 3:30ish AM, Kyleigh Skye Wittmann, was born. When the Sun came up and visiting hours began, Russ and I hurried to Grossmont Hospital to see the gift of love the Lord brought into our family’s lives.

Becca was a trooper during the whole labor and delivery. Not knowing if the pains in her back was labor or not, she endured until the pain was no longer bearable. Around 10:30pm on September 24th, Luke anxiously drove Becca to Grossmont hospital. By her side the whole time, Luke encouraged and helped Becca by being as quiet and attentive as he possibly could. They made it to the hospital in time. Being dilated enough to have an epidural to ease the pain, the labor continued and progressed. Kyleigh was ready to enter the world and change Luke & Becca’s lives forever. (Ours too, of course!) Within a few hours…Becca began to push…”Wallahhhh”. A beautiful and healthy little baby girl weighing only 6lbs. and 11oz., 18inches long, arrived into the world. Luke watched in awe and had the honor of cutting the umbilical cord of his daughter. Becca completely exhausted, became energized the moment she heard Kyleigh’s momentary crys and saw her eyes wide open, just glaring into hers. Holding this little angel for the first time, sparked new feelings and emotions of love within both Becca & Luke instantly.

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